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 Tytuł: How does composite floor maintain?
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<p>how to distinguish stand or fall of real wood floor? To the first time for the person that household decorates, it how can choose to suit oneself to decorate style and the floor that decorate character to have a place really is difficult to how can choose to suit oneself to decorate style and the floor that decorate character to have a place really, Composite Wood Replacements Most Economical what enter beautiful jade of see everywhere of building materials market is a floor, selling the home is all sorts of empty heads more, but from the price for from a few yuan make the same score thousands of yuan, will enter the feeling of grand sight garden to grandmother of true Liu having a place suddenly first, below floor one of 10 old brands emperor amounts to a floor small make up introduce knowledge of some of begin to learn how to discern to everybody real wood floor. </p>

<p>How to distinguish stand or fall of real wood floor? Can wait for a respect to begin from face of moisture content, lacquer, craft, base material first. Generally speaking, floor dealer should stock " moisture content determines appearance " .

(1) standard of international of floor moisture content is 8 % , 13 % ; Is Wood Patio Decking Good In A Wet Climate The floor moisture content that same norms, material plants differs in ± 2 % left and right sides is qualification.

(2) floor lacquer face: Paint film is bright and clean, do not have leakage lacquer without bleb, surface, and wear-resisting strength is good. In addition, add color through giving a floor the appearance, can reduce off color and cover surface blemish. Lacquer face is divided again roll Qi Helin lacquer, its quality is different also, and the paint film of same ply and bright and clean spend cost to differ bigger. inexpensive siding panels in hallways Those who drench lacquer adds labour board and paint film is instinctive quality board, accordingly plump the first selection that is you.

(3) the floor machines precision: Open box to take out 8 or so, bare-handed go all out outfit, observation tongue-and-groove is occlusive have without clearance, photograph the height between adjacent board is differred, cheapest flooring for balcony if close strictly,seam, feel is differred without apparent height can.

(4) of base material examine: Affirm whether same capable person is planted above all, whether does the floor have dead section, craze, decayed, mould to wait. The chromatism as to the floor, lively part is reasonable presence, a few chromatism and decorative pattern are uneven natural wood cannot avoid, these natural design and color, decorative pattern wants reasonable when the shop is installed collocation only, still have nature of a kind of regression experience. </p>

<p>Additional, emperor amounts to floor of floor whole nation to act as agent in fervent recruit, interested young associate can come round seek advice! </p>

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