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Business management consulting is one of the most required theme that tend to be very beneficial to any type and size of company in today’s competitive market. The job of a consultant is not only to assist with many areas of the business but also help them making more productive.

Every business owner or manager knows that it requires many different things to take care of within the company , and every so often there are some important things overlooked or some are neglected. If a business is having complexity with profit and loss, business management consulting can execute cash-flow planning.

The good thing about taking help of a consultant like Imad Kutum, is that they can supply help with internal issues as well as guide appropriately to solve them. Human resources may have a tough time understanding what their job actually is and this can cause confusion while doing work. This may be the main cause due to the owner or manager who might not have sufficient time to explain the staff their duties. Here, a company needs help of a professional consultant who can setup a training session for employees and other business staff which will help every member to get on track. The consultant understands his job , as he knows that the company relies on its workers to maintain production up. If the staff is confused about their jobs, then the production slows or stops completely and ultimately, the company suffers.

If a business is facing difficulty with its present strategies, it can be of the extreme support to obtain services from a business management consultant. He can help work out best business management techniques that will demonstrate to be successful. These techniques will not only help you to pull towards you new customers but also to preserve them and grow your business quickly.

Therefore , when it comes to making a company winning but the project manager or the owner is not sure of how to manage a company, business management consulting comes in picture. The business consultant can provide new ideas and possibly put a new turn on an old idea. If you have a business that is already established and need to improve it more, they can help you plan more ways for effective results.

You will by no means hear a person who is launching a business say that their goal is to be unsuccessful. To be a lucrative company, every business requires patience , facts and firmness. If you are concerned about your business and want to learn more about business management consulting, you can get in touch with Imad Kutum, who is a full-time business consultant in Canada with over 20 years of experience. Sometimes it can be tough to find a job, especially without any experience. This is especially true when looking for work in the hospitality industry , where experience really counts. Of course, you need to find that first job to gain valuable experience and this is where a short course can help give you an edge when applying for positions.

Below, a number of short courses designed specifically for the hospitality industry are explained in detail. Completing these courses looks great to potential employers and can actually be prerequisites for working in some industries.


RSA stands for 'Responsible Service of Alcohol' and it is a very common qualification for workers in the hospitality sector to hold. This training is mandatory for all staff and licensees selling liquor either in a bar, pub , or restaurant. You can work in such an establishment without an RSA, if you serve in a capacity where you do not serve alcohol, however this severely limits your employment options.

Completing an RSA course makes you aware of the regulations and obligations that apply to you as a person serving alcohol to the general public. These courses are short in duration and generally reasonably priced. When choosing a training provider for your RSA course, ensure that they are a 'Nationally Recognised Training' venue.


An RSG course , much like an RSA, makes it much easier to gain employment in the hospitality industry. By taking an RSG course, you will be qualified to work in venues which provide gambling and other gaming facilities. This course is designed to make you aware of all the laws and regulations relevant to the gaming industry. In order to work in a gaming room during trading hours, you must hold an RSG certification , no matter your specific role. If you want to work in a business with gaming facilities an RSG is a must!


An RSF course is a nationally recognised unit of competency entitled 'Workplace Hygiene Procedures'. This competency is designed specifically for staff working with food products, in both the hospitality and retail sectors. During the course you will learn techniques to reduce the risks of food poisoning occurring.

While this course is not generally a requirement to work in food service, it is highly desirable. By completing this course you can show potential employers that you are committed to maintaining a safe and hygienic workplace.

Where Do I start?

By now, you should have decided that completing one of the above certifications is a good first step towards getting a job in the hospitality industry. Now , it's time for you to find a training provider and get started! When choosing a training organisation, you need to ensure that they are nationally recognised and accredited. If you complete your training with an unregistered organisation, it is useless. You will also commonly get a choice between online or face to face delivery – which one you choose is up to you.

For more information about completing these course and their cost, you should contact your local registered training organisation.
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