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Source Red Sox Offered Lester $70M Over Four Years - RealGM Wiretap
Red Sox left-hander Jon Lester questioned a report Saturday that his stalled contract negotiations mean it's "looking more and more" like this is his last season with the team.

"Why does it mean I'm out of Boston?" Lester said when asked about the Fox Sports report Cowboys Geoff Swaim Jersey , which said the last Red Sox offer to their ace was four years and $70M, well below the prospective free agent's perceived market value.

A source confirmed to ESPNBoston the terms of the Red Sox's latest offer "give or take." That average annual value of $17.5M would lag well below the $20M plus that is becoming the norm for top-of-the-rotation starters.

Orioles Wont Increase Payroll In Light Of Success - RealGM Wiretap

Dan Duquette doesn't feel the need to increase Baltimore's payroll in light of the team's success this season.

"What for?" the executive asked.

The Orioles have seen their payroll decrease from $88 million to $82 million.

Feldman Expected To Re Sign With Orioles - RealGM Wiretap

Scott Feldman is expected to re-sign with the Baltimore Orioles unless another club overpays for his services.

The Orioles acquired Feldman in a trade with the Chicago Cubs at midseason.

There is mutual interest in continuing their relationship.

Proper Etiquette During Art Gallery Openings Proper Etiquette During Art Gallery Openings March 1, 2015 | Author: Miranda Hawkins | Posted in Humanities

People possess different talents. These talents could be singing, dancing Chaz Green Rush Jersey , acting, painting, and others. Usually, they want to show their talents to others so that they will appreciate them and even become famous.

Shows where different talents are showcased are typically gone to by individuals. For those painting enthusiasts Randy Gregory Rush Jersey , art gallery openings NYC can be visited where masterpieces will be sold by the painters. However, proper etiquette should be observed by guests whenever these gatherings in New York City will be attended to.

The gallery owners or the painters should only be talked to for long times if they have intentions to have the pieces of art bought. Things related to these sales should only be discussed. Things which are not related to these sales should not be talked about so that concerns of those interested buyers can be addressed by the owners or the artists.

The artist or the owner will definitely be entertaining numerous people. These individuals could be avid collectors and willing to spend sums for them to be obtaining the items. If the artist or the owner is already engaged in a discussion with a collector already, he should not be interrupting them. If he is an avid collector, himself Byron Jones Rush Jersey , he might have to wait for them to finish their conversation.

For them to appreciate the beauty of these works, individuals will have to stand in front of them. This way, they can have clear views of the pieces. However, they should not stand in front of these items for a long time so that other people can also admire their beauty. They should not block the view of others Jack Crawford Rush Jersey , as well.

Some points that are found on the works will certainly be discussed by the persons. Normal tones should be used when these are done so. Loud voices should not used for respect to be shown to others who could also be engaged in conversations.

A lot of people will certainly flood these galleries, especially during their opening days. For this matter, the individuals should not block the entrances, exits Benson Mayowa Rush Jersey , and hallways so that other visitors can pass through them. If they have to stop for discussions, they will have to step aside to the corners and continue their activities. They should also not stop abruptly when they pass through the hallways so that the flow of traffic will be continuous.

The other masterpieces of the featured painters are stored in the back rooms of these galleries by the owners. Usually, visitors are not allowed to enter these areas without the appropriate permission from the proprietors. For this matter, these back rooms should not be gone to by the guests without being permitted by the authorities. The arts should not be sifted through and the fact that they are belongings of the painters should be respected.

As courtesy to the proprietors and painters Terrell McClain Rush Jersey , better openings happening in other galleries should not be told by the guests to others in public. If these are done so, they feelings of those proprietors could be hurt since these are involved in their businesses. The feelings of those painters could also be hurt since their skills and time have been devoted for these masterpieces to be created.

For up-to-date alerts about art gallery openings NYC locals can log on to our Web magazine. Read the latest published articles online by visiting

Rodriguez Would Be Allowed To Play Winter Ball If Suspension Upheld - RealGM Wiretap

If Alex Rodriguez is suspended for all of the 2014 season after his appeal is heard, there is a possibility that he could play winter ball in the Dominican Republic.

Rodriguez would be eligible to play in the Dominican, but the New York Yankees would have to give him permission.

A high-ranking Yankees source said the club has not given any thought to this possibility Geoff Swaim Rush Jersey , though an MLB source confirmed it would be allowed.


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