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The major symptoms of leucorrhoea are stomach pain, indigestion, intense irritation, fatigue, white discharge, constipation, headache and irritability.

Accumulation of toxins in the body, wounds produced by itching, hormonal disturbances, anemia, diabetes, bad eating habits , eating spicy and fried foods, bacterial infection and unhygienic living situations are the main causes of leucorrhoea.

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Another best ayurvedic herb that you can used to cure leucorrhoea is lady finger. It also helps to cure other sexual disorders. Mango seed is one more herb that used to cure leucorrhoea. Add mango seed powder in water to make a fine paste. Apply this paste inside and outside the female reproductive organs to heal leucorrhoea. Tae made by fenugreek seeds also helps to cure this problem.

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Take one or two capsules of Gynecure two times in a day regularly with plain water or milk for 2 to 3 months to cure leucorrhoea naturally without any side effect.
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